The Courage to Carry Out the Calling

In my book I ask readers to escape their comfort zone and embrace the challenges of the Christian walk. We never know how the lengths Gods will take us in carrying out our calling.

The plight of Russian dissident Alexey Navalny. Navalny is one of the more prominent critics of the Putin regime. Political opposition in Russia has always required a great deal of courage and the outspoken Navalny has dealt with more than his share of retaliation including a 2014 conviction, a 2020 poisoning, and his current incarceration. Now reports are emerging of the conditions Navalny endures including isolation and exposure to the harsh Russian winter with little protection.

It is important to note that Navalny left Russia in 2020 to recover from the poisoning only to return even though he charges from the government. Indeed, officials arrested him in the airport as soon as his place landed. He clearly decided returning to Russia and facing the Putin government was more important than his safety and comfort.

Can you think of anything worth making similar sacrifices?


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