GOP Doom & Gloom??

The Vice Presidential Debate typically carries minimal strategic value although it has created sparks in previous cycles. Yet every election step seems critical for the Trump Administration and Republicans in general including tonight’s festivities.


The White House clearly hangs in the balance but is hardly the only concern Republicans face. Democrats already enjoy a majority in the House of Representatives but that lead could increase next month. Meanwhile, The GOP is fighting to keep its tenuous Senate majority intact while also holding confirmation hearings for Amy Coney Barrett in an effort to solidify a solid 6-3 conservative majority in the Supreme Court. Granted, the Democrats seem to have a plan to combat that advantage.


Bottom line, Republicans have much work too and ground to regain over the next three weeks or so. Even Texas, once the reddest of red states, is in play! It will be fascinating to see where the party goes from here.

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  1. Looking back on this election cycle, it is interesting to think about the candidates for vice president. Their debates were certainly more professional than the president’s. It was nice the see the adults talk.

  2. Even though the 2020 election has been over for a while now, it is still interesting to look back at our thoughts throughout the debates and campaigns!

  3. I am posting this comment after the election and I have to say you hit the hammer on the head here, it seemed as if this was one of the most unpredcitable elections as mail in voting played a controversial role to say the least.

  4. “GOP Doom and Gloom”
    This blog is relevant to the course because it talks about the GOP and the responsibilities that come with the people that are a part of that group and that the GOP is “fighting to keep its tenuous Senate majority intact while also holding confirmation hearings”. This semester we have talked about the different secretions of congress and the different roles of each part. Every part of congress is important in some way shape or form. This blog just specifies the GOP group. This blog talks about the democrats and Republicans and that the Republicans have a lot of work and ground to regain and it also talks about the different parts of congress and the important roles of each one. I chose this article because it’s interesting to me how the white house works and how it runs. I think it’s really cool to think about how it’s all balanced with many different roles in the white house and they’re all equal not one is over the other and everyone’s voice is heard. I would address the problem of republicans having too much work by making sure that everyone is doing an equal amount of work and, not one party is doing more than the other because that’s the best way for everyone to be able to have a voice and not one party having too much power over the other.

  5. I didn’t know that the majority of the House of Representatives was composed by Democrats. Also. the Republicans did have a long way to go, and now we can se the consequences of that journey; they didn’t go far enough, or America is truly seeing life with another lenses.

  6. I feel that this election was very out of the ordinary. Both parties took a very extreme and unorthodox approach to the election. both candidates have been pouring gas on an already large flame. It is inspiring people to vote but also is creating a great divide in the nation I feel.

    This is an important event because it affects the next 4 years of our counties health. with all the talks of riots and fraud and everything there is a lot of spite in the air so i hope and pray the American people are prepared to put in the work to fix the tares they have created during this election.

    Christian Fleming

  7. Watching the election take place in November was a very sad time. I remember when Texas went blue for just a few moments. Everyone in the room I was in went silent and it seemed as if everyone was holding their breath in disbelief. There was a great sigh of relief when it flipped back to red, but it just made me wonder, what was the goal here? This election looked a lot more like a sports event than the determination of a leader for our country. Language like “in-swing” and “combat” typically goes with an event or occasion where there are two sides against each other, where there are friends and enemies. The reality of it is, we are all one country and we really need to reconsider the role that media plays in our elections. The media has really treacherously divided our nation over the two-party system and celebrities in the Whitehouse is a sad practice. The past two elections have not been about voting for which candidate is best to run our country, but rather which candidate is the lesser of two evils. Be it the woes of the republicans or the democrats, the whole system is headed for “doom and gloom” if something does not change.

  8. It was interesting trying to piece together the different parts of the government and look it at from a holistic view. Although I wouldn’t say that I was able to gather or completely grasp it a hundred percent, it is fun trying to learn how our gov system works.

  9. Looking back at this Debate compared to the other Debates in 2020. It almost seemed like the opposite of the first Presidential Debate. I remember the last question asked was from an 8 year old girl who wrote in to the News Station for the speech. The question went something like ‘this country is facing many problems and is extremely divided how would your administration work to repair this divide.” and what stuck with me is how Mike Pence was very respectful and answered the questions to the best of his ability and Kamala Harris answered with “If you vote for us all of your problems will be fixed.” I am paraphrasing but that was the gist of the responses. This debate while I do not think it had much affect on the outcomes as much as it should have.

  10. The government really does tend to act in favor sometimes towards democrats as a good majority of leaders in our country agree with their beliefs. Republicans are part of the minority and it shows. Although, since this blog post is from 2020 I can see how times have changed for the better. In my opinion I feel as though I have seen more republicans step up and truly gain a good leadership position in the country. Although our worlds taking a darker turn each day, slowly but surely our well trained Christ-like leaders will be able to rise.

  11. I find it incredibly interesting to consider how the White House has a variety of jobs that are all balanced, equal, and allow for all the people to speak their opinion on matters. The easiest place for all parties to be able to have a voice and prevent one party from having too much power over the other is to ensure that it’s doing an equivalent amount of work and that no one group is doing more than the other. This is how I would address the issue of conservatives having too much work.

  12. It’s fascinating to reflect on the vice president candidates in light of current election season. Compared to the president, their discussions were unquestionably more professional. It was pleasant to hear the adults converse.

  13. It was fascinating to try to piece together the many sections of the government and examine it as a whole. Although I wouldn’t say I totally understood or gathered everything, it was enjoyable to try to learn how our government operates.

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