Mayor Johnson Switches Parties

The American political divide is truly a urban/rural schism. Democrats controlling large urban centers while rural voters overwhelmingly pull the R lever. This leaves the electoral map shockingly red even when a Democrat eclipses the magical 270 threshold.

The urban municipal  landscape follows this trend with Democrats holding seats 9 of the 10 largest cities. Well, make the 8 as Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson formally announced his switch to the GOP ledger. Mayor Johnson conveniently announced his decision after the most recent municipal elections where he ran unopposed in a highly Democratic city. Johnson joins his neighbor Fort Worth mayor Mattie Parker on the red ledger.

Granted, party affiliation is less sacred on the municipal level as most mayoral and city council elections are nonpartisan which makes Johnson’s switch that much more intriguing. Does this portend future forays for higher office? Johnson targeted crime and hyper leftist polices as justification which is red meat for Republican voters.



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