Friday Devotional


We seek to avoid. Some people live a constant failure averse life driven by remaining in their “wheelhouse” to steal a baseball phrase. The comfort zone occupied by tasks that maximize strengths populated by others who are impressed by said skills.

Does God want that?

Think of towering biblical figure. Were they always on the mountaintop? Consider Jeremiah. We single Jeremiah out as a giant of the faith but man what a tough existence. A prophet who lead a whopping 2 people to the faith. Everyone else scorned Jeremiah or laughed at him. No one listened to his warnings or prophecies. And yes he was right of course but what a horrible thing to be right about. This does not include captivity, prison, death threats, or murder attempts.

I doubt Jeremiah signed up for all that. Still, he never wavered facing failure an disrespect head on without blinking. My guess is God would have us do the same at times.


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