The Joys of Gerrymanding

Ever wonder who charts congressional district maps and how the process gets done? I know it keeps you up at night. Yes, that is sarcasm my intrepid readers.

The process probably should cause you at least a little insomnia. The process is highly political like most governing activities these days although it always contained the nasty stench of partisan battles supplemented by dank backrooms. Good old day syndrome need not apply here.

The official process sounds innocent enough.  The Census Bureau releases its results every ten years which provides state legislative chambers or committees badly needed data to determine whether the statewide population has increased yielding new districts or do net population losses mean contractions? Texas perhaps best exemplifies the winners while rust belt or rural states face contraction.

This all sounds so scientific and mathy but the process is truly political as both major parties engage in a literal turf war for congressional seats. This is gerrymandering where the representation map defies reason and logic. The conflict should remains front and center in the public awareness scope and occupy you attention and sleep patterns.


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